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Minimise your tax and earn a reward rate of 4.25%

Increase your return this financial year by pre-paying your farming requirements before June 30.

Our exclusive ‘Smart Prepayments’ offer allows you to prepay funds into your account before June 30 and earn a reward rate of 4.25% until you collect your goods.

Smart Prepayments is a safe and rewarding way of prepaying next season’s requirements without the hassle of working out exactly what you will need.

For further information please contact your local Crop Smart Sales Rep or download an click below to download an application for full terms and conditions.
Download your Smart Prepayments Form


  • Customers will receive a reward based on the amount of expenditure prepaid to Crop Smart


  • The prepaid amount cannot be withdrawn. If the amount is not redeemed within 12 months, the reward amount will cease to be applied

Reward Amount

  • 4.25% per annum, calculated monthly on the prepaid balance at month end and credited monthly
  • Any reward amount must be used for the purchase of Crop Smart goods
  • The reward amount is not interest and cannot be paid out separately to customers

Minimum Amount

  • At the discretion of Crop Smart

Maximum Amount

  • At the discretion of Crop Smart

Accessing Funds

  • Customers cannot withdraw funds


  • Nil
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