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The key take outs from Dr Peter Boutsalis

Throughout March the well-respected herbicide resistance researcher, Dr Peter Boutsalis joined the Crop Smart team at events across SA
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Crop Smart & Omnia Present: Maximising Your Soil Health

No-Till farming changed the way we work, but for years now we have been looking for the next big
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What’s Happening in the Market – February Update

Planning for sowing is well underway, with many of you creating savings locking in early bird pricing on your
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Pulse Inoculation under Adverse Soil Conditions

For a legume plant to fix nitrogen It needs to form a symbiotic relationship with rhizobia (a type of
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Introducing the New Crop Smart App

We’re pleased to announce the new Crop Smart app is now available! The app has received a comprehensive makeover,
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Ensuring you are compliant is a must, especially when it comes to handling Schedule 7 chemicals! The team at
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Crop Smart presents: Talking Herbicide Resistance with Dr. Peter Boutsalis

Throughout March we will be hosting a series of events with the well-renowned researcher, Dr. Peter Boutsalis. Peter, aka
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What’s happening in the market – January Update

Large summer rains throughout December resulted in high demand for summer spraying products, putting supply under pressure, but we
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It is approaching that time of year again when many farm businesses start working out their pre-emergent herbicide strategies
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A Guide to Summer Spraying

Early summer spraying will achieve best results for weed control and optimise crop potential for the upcoming season. Early
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