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Fungicides – to buy or not to buy?

Most areas in South Australia & Victoria are thriving at this stage of the year, however we’re looking for
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What Mice Want

Modern no-till farming systems have changed the behavioural patterns of mice compared to previous tillage-based farming.  The continuous year-round
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Lucerne Flea: An Establishment Pest

Lucerne flea is an introduced pest in Australia, residing throughout Australia’s southern high rainfall areas. Belonging to a group
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Be Mindful of Fertiliser Toxicity at Seeding

Fertiliser toxicity Can occur when you place too much fertiliser near the seed. The safety level of different fertilisers
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As we head into the 2019 cropping season, it is feeling a lot like 2018, with many soil profiles
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Crop Smart & Omnia Present: Maximising Your Soil Health

No-Till farming changed the way we work, but for years now we have been looking for the next big
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Pulse Inoculation under Adverse Soil Conditions

For a legume plant to fix nitrogen It needs to form a symbiotic relationship with rhizobia (a type of
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Crop Smart presents: Talking Herbicide Resistance with Dr. Peter Boutsalis

Throughout March we will be hosting a series of events with the well-renowned researcher, Dr. Peter Boutsalis. Peter, aka
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A Guide to Summer Spraying

Early summer spraying will achieve best results for weed control and optimise crop potential for the upcoming season. Early
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What’s Happening in the Market – December Update

The 2,4-D price has been rising steadily since August. However, the full impact is yet to be realised in
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