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What makes a superior Trifluralin product?

Crop Smart’s Joe Pedler explains the difference the use of high grade emulsifiers and surfactants make to the production
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Easy Inoculant Application

Darren Bailey shows off his innovative Inoculant applicator
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How to open an IBC cap

Joe Pedler shows off a simple solution for opening an IBC lid
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Does 2,4d Amine 625 and Glyphosate Mix?

Joe Pedler from Crop Smart demonstrates how to mix 2,4d Amine 625 and Glyphosate. He also demonstrates how not
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What makes a good crop oil?

Joe Pedler from Crop Smart demonstrates what makes a great Crop Oil. This is an excerpt from his Secrets
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Come to our Secrets Exposed Presentation

The Secrets Exposed Presentation is coming to a town near you soon so make sure you make the effort
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Introducing the new – Smart Diflufenican with the particle size guarantee

Joe Pedler introduces the new Smart Diflufenican product for this season.
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Crop Smart’s new summer spraying oil – Smart Penetrator

Crop Smart’s Joe Pedler takes you through the benefits of their new Summer Spraying Oil – Smart Penetrator
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Meet Gary & Errol – Crop Smart Sea Lake, Victoria

Meet Gary Bailey Crop Smart Agent & Farmer & Errol & Errol Stacey, Warehouse Manager - Crop Smart, Sea
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Hear Darren’s story – Crop Smart Agent & Farmer

Hear Darren Bailey's story, Crop Smart Agent & Farmer - Sea Lake, Victoria
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