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Agronomy Update December 2023

A knockdown spike that offers outstanding control of broadleaf weeds and annual grasses.

In this month’s agronomy update we take a closer look at a new product on the market, Nufarm Terrad’or. A Group 14 Spike herbicide, it provides advanced broadleaf weed control and true grass weed activity. Available to purchase from your local Crop Smart store, Terrad’or contains 700g/kg of Tiafenacil in a WG formulation.

Research has shown that Terrad’or outperforms other Group 14 herbicides that have been around for a long time – with noticeably better, faster results when compared to other comparable products. It’s an excellent mix partner for all non–selective herbicides and it’s proving to be a valuable tool when it comes to controlling problem weeds like marshmallow, sow thistle, wild radish and even annual ryegrass.


Getting ahead of resistance

Prevention is always better than cure, and that’s where Terrad’or really shines according to André Sabeeney, Nufarm’s National Technical Lead. “Rotating between chemistry groups with glyphosate (group 9) and paraquat (group 22) and adding an additional group such as Terrad’or (Group 14) assists growers to keep ahead of resistance before it becomes a problem. The ideal application is in combination with a double-knock control strategy, with either a glyphosate or a paraquat mix partner. This assists in management of resistance before it even becomes a major issue, and that’s where growers are seeing the best results – it helps make sure those resistant weeds don’t get established in the first place,” he said.

Part of Terrad’or’s success is owed to the fact that it’s undergone rigorous field testing in Australian growing conditions, said Mr Sabeeney. “We’ve worked closely with Australian growers to deliver a Group 14 spike that meets their needs and their conditions,” he said. “When it comes to weed control, the landscape is always changing. Growers are always looking for ways to grow and improve, and we need to keep improving alongside them this is part of part of Nufarm’s commitment to Australian farmers.


A summary of the key benefits of Terrad’or are as follows:


1. Faster & better results. Get quick brownout and effective control of broadleaf and grass weeds.

One of the key weeds Group 14 chemistry is selected to assist control of is marshmallow. It is a particularly difficult weed control especially when well established or when under stress. This photo shows a trial result from the Darling Downs, demonstrating the efficacy benefit of Nufarm Terrad’or and CanDo on large marshmallow. There is also the added benefits of low residual activity and short plantbacks to key crops.

2. True grass activity. See the difference of control on grass weeds with an alternate mode of action.

With glyphosate resistance becoming a wider problem especially with some key weeds such as Annual Ryegrass, herbicides with alternative modes of action should be considered. Group 14 actives with grass activity could be useful to help in the management of resistant weeds, if used wisely.

3. Deliver a deadly double knock. The perfect mix partner for either paraquat or glyphosate

The double knock is the optimal strategy in the battle against glyphosate resistance in annual ryegrass. Adding Nufarm Terrad’or at 40g in either the first or second pass, significantly improves ryegrass control compared to the traditional double knock. Nufarm Terrad’or added to paraquat in the second knock consistently achieves the highest levels of control.

To get the best out of Terrad’or, we recommend it is used with a high quality MSO adjuvant.


For further information, visit https://youtu.be/wSGAqqT7jz4?si=qCr_ku9GugVyXj6c or contact your local Crop Smart rep and we’d be happy to help provide more information.




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