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Group J Herbicides under Resistance Pressure

At the recent GRDC updates Chris Preston from the University of Adelaide gave a talk on the latest information in herbicide and weed management. The talk included the current concern for annual ryegrass resistance to Group J herbicides which
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Matt’s Market Update – February 2018

In this month’s market wrap I’m going to be talking about some products that have had large price rises over the past 12 months and that you’re going to notice as you head into sowing. It’s also time we
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New wheat variety suited to early sowing

A new wheat variety released this year from AGT has significant promise to help farming systems.  “Longsword” is a winter wheat released for the low/medium rainfall zones for Western and Southern Australia. While other winter wheats are available, Longsword
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What’s happening in the market

Welcome to 2018! We hope you all managed to squeeze in a break, however short, over the Christmas and New Year holidays. We wish you a prosperous year ahead and hope it will present fewer challenges than in 2017.
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Using Delta T for Assessing Spray Conditions

The majority of boom spray operators will be well versed in relation to assessing environmental conditions before spraying, including Delta T.  Younger famers starting out may not be so well-informed and hopefully this will be useful information.  Delta T
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India gains market share in the chemical market

During November, I spent a week in India meeting with various suppliers of 24d, triclopyr, chlorpyrifos, alpha cypermethrin and propiconazole. With tight supply in China, many distributors from around the world are seeing this as an opportunity for India
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  MID-ROW BANDING OF NITROGEN IN SEASON Trials completed in 2016 through funding from Grains Research and Development Corporation (GRDC) and Department of Economic Development, Jobs, Transport and Resources (DEDJTR) have shown encouraging results for the practice of mid-row
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Did we get it right? Our market forecast 2017 – 18

As we approach the end of 2017,  we thought we’d review our market updates and see how accurate our market intelligence has been,  which of our market forecasts came true and where the market is going. If anything, we
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Getting to Know Paraquat and Diquat

It’s that time of year again when pulses are getting sprayed to either crop-top weeds or desiccate and dry down plants. For crop-topping and desiccation the two most used active ingredients are Paraquat (Smart Paraquat 250) and diquat, both
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What will impact your summer spraying?

To ensure cost-effectiveness of application, early preparation is key. Here are the major trends you need to be thinking about.
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