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What’s Happening in The Market – May 2021

What’s the World State of Play in Ag Chem? Those who had a good season last year are moving
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Florasulam Herbicide

FLORASULAM One of the very effective broadleaf herbicides used in cereal crops is now off-patent and available in various
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Nitrogen Use Efficiency in your region

Nitrogen use efficiency (NUE) is defined as the ratio of the crop nitrogen uptake vs the total input of
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What’s Happening in The Market – April 2021

“Gee, we need a rain!” is the regular statement we are hearing at the moment.  It’s gone from a
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What’s Happening in The Market – March 2021

Market Update March/April 2021 It’s been another mixed month of summer/pre-sowing rains around the country.  If you’re in NSW
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New MoA Code for Australia

New MOA classifications coming From July 2021, the agriculture industry will be transitioning to a NEW code system for
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Be Mindful of Fertiliser Toxicity at Seeding

Fertiliser toxicity The safety level of different fertilisers varies between crops, soil types, and soil moisture levels when the
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Upcoming Events

UPCOMING EVENTS Victoria Tuesday 9th March 5:30pm Sea Lake Community Complex Dr John Broster will be answering all your
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February Market Update 2021

Well, we have made it through 2020, which was one for the history books.  We were all hoping 2021
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February Mice Update 2021

February Mice Update 2021 GRDC recently conducted a mouse update webinar with Steve Henry from CSIRO – summarised info
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