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Our factory only produces the best!

Ensuring the quality of products it sells to Australian farmers has always been a priority for Crop Smart. To further its commitment to quality by taking control of the entire formulation process, Crop Smart established their own factory in Melbourne. Chemical formulations are essentially recipes and how the chemicals are combined is critical to how well a product performs. By controlling the process, Crop Smart offers customers quality products which mix well and perform as they are intended.

All the components of the herbicides, oils and wetters that Crop Smart manufactures are first received as raw products into the factory at Laverton North in Melbourne. Crop Smart selects the brands to use and tests key components before they are used. Crucially, every gram that goes into every drum is measured. The team, headed by a 25-year veteran of the chemical industry Rob Lacey, can tell you exactly what’s in every drum. The process, from packaging, labelling, palletising and dispatching, are all coordinated centrally by Crop Smart.

When approached to set up the Crop Smart facility five years ago, general manager Rob jumped at the opportunity to build the factory from the bottom up and implement his knowledge and experience into creating the best possible facility. The factory is a safe environment producing to the highest standards.

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