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Triclopyr supply shortfall

Have you been trying to get hold of triclopyr this year? So why has there been such a shortfall in supply of this chemical?

Limited demand and low margins have made it uneconomical for Crop Smart and other chemical resellers to stock large supplies or triclopyr. In addition, there is a cost associated with carrying the stock, which can be up to 10 per cent over a 12 month period.

As is often the case, we looked to historical sales when deciding how much stock to order in/manufacture. Last year, there were low to average sales of triclopyr, and as such, this year, we decided to carry a similar amount to what we’ve carried the last two years.

However, this year, summer rainfall has seen a jump in demand for the product. Sales have happened far quicker than we, and other chemical resellers, have been able to manufacture and re-supply which has resulted in a shortfall in supply.

Similarly, we have seen increased demand for glyphosate in the past six weeks. The January rain event depleted all stocks of glyphosate and all formulating capacity to replenish stocks. If we had received another rainfall event in the past month, supply of glyphosate would have been very limited.

So how can we avoid being left short next time? Plan ahead. Crop Smart encourages you to extend your planning out at least three months. In the meantime, stay in contact with your local Crop Smart sales representative and store team, who can keep you well informed and well placed to deal with any challenges.

Crop Smart has large forward commitments with its customers and these stocks will continue to be delivered on time, regardless of seasonal conditions. At Crop Smart, we pride ourselves on providing you with quality products with market knowledge and insight.

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