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February Mice Update 2021

February Mice Update 2021

GRDC recently conducted a mouse update webinar with Steve Henry from CSIRO – summarised info below, plus some best practice advice from the Smart Agro.

The Wimmera and South Australian Mallee region are seeing high numbers but not across all areas. Similarly, in the Riverina NSW, we are seeing very damaging results from high numbers.  The summer crops in the Riverina appear to be supporting the high numbers.

As we’re seeing damaging, high numbers of mice populations occurring from SA through to the Riverina, we’re expecting the demand for bait to be increased.  Paired with this, we’re also experiencing the perfect conditions for an outbreak currently;

  • Ideal climatic conditions
  • Food supply is high
  • In paddock shelter is high

Check to see what is happening in your paddocks NOW.  Growers need to have a plan developed now. If numbers are concerning (difficult to tell high or low, it’s just the presence of mice) plan a baiting strategy now.  Some tips on checking mice activity here.

Bait 6 weeks out from sowing in your concerning paddocks and the paddocks next to that. Canola and pulses are generally the most susceptible. Be prepared to bait on a larger scale. Mice can travel long distances, and it can become a community problem.

If you plan to start sowing on the 20th April, 6 weeks prior is the 9th March. That is only a couple of weeks from now.

Then be prepared to bait those same paddocks immediately following the seeder at sowing.

Do not mix the bait with any other substance/product. Apply it alone, not with fertiliser or with slug baits.  Spread mouse bait at least two days prior to slug/snail bait.

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