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Plan Ahead and Reap the Rewards

Welcome to the new financial year! We have had a busy last few weeks of the financial year contacting all our customers and offering some great deals on our Smart products. I hope you all took advantage of the offers and made some great savings. This has become a popular time of year for forward thinking farmers to get set up for the next 12 months. My recent trip to China, as always gave me great insights into what’s happening in the market and what’s coming, so make sure you’re tapping into your local sales reps to receive this valuable information. I’m regularly told this is saving you thousands of dollars a year buying at the right time. It’s a great feeling to be delivering value.

After 12 months of overall low product pricing, we are now seeing offshore price increases. However, there are still some good deals to be had in the current market place. Due the lack of rain in Western Australia and on the Eyre Peninsula expect some good deals on post emergent products with some overflow of product in the market.  Although the season has been a tale of two seasons, dry in the West and wet in the East (around our stores), we have still seen quite a lot of movement with stock of legume fungicides. If you are thinking about purchasing product, please speak to one of our team members as stock is moving quickly and there continues to be uncertainty around supply, especially with such large plantations gone in.

I know you’re all looking for another decent rain to either get the season started (if you’re in the West) or keep the promising start rolling along (Eastern SA & VIC). All the best over the coming months – hopefully Mother Nature is kind to us all!

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