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It pays to be organised at sowing

In our Smart Mail newsletter in February, we highlighted the fact that triclopyr was in short supply and we were flat out keeping up with demand for glyphosate. We explained that the market will stock product to sell out rather than to cover every contingency.

Shortfalls have continued in March and we expect it to continue throughout this season. Paraquat has been on constant backorder, partly because of low stocks and partly because of an increase in double-knock activity. At the same time 2,4-D Ester 680 has become tight at the wholesale and retail level with supplies only looking to catch up toward the end of April. Only now are new stocks of triclopyr arriving in the country.

There are no seeding products in over supply. Simazine, atrazine, diuron, triallate and trifluralin are all tight at the wholesale level. We expect prices will start to reflect this as we move through April.

What does this mean for you? As we mentioned last month, it’s important to stay in close touch with your Crop Smart Sales Rep who can ensure your needs are covered. The Crop Smart team are doing an amazing job keeping you covered at the right price.

Next month, we’ll have a close look at fungicides for 2016. It’s not too early to start thinking about what you’re going to need in June and July.

Darryl Hof

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