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Sledge Herbicide


Have you tried Sledge in your herbicide rotation?  The images below are of Paraquat 800 mls/ha and Sledge 100 mls/ha, then in picture 2 –  Paraquat 800 mls/ha and Sledge 200 mls/ha.


Sledge works well for effective reduction in viable weed seed set of several broad leaf weeds.  It’s registered for use in pulse crops prior to harvest for;

  • Chickpeas: Apply at or after 90-95% of the chickpea seeds have reached physiological maturity – typically when 80-85% of pods within the crop have turned yellow-brown.
  • Faba beans: Apply at or after hilum turns black in the pods at the top of the canopy. Typically when 30-80% of pods ripe and dark. The plant may still be green at this stage, particularly if it is a late maturing variety.
  • Field peas: Apply at or after seed moisture is less than 30%. Typically when the lower 75% of pods are brown with firm seeds and leathery pods.
  • Lentils: Apply at or after the crop starts to yellow (senesce), typically less than 15% green pods.
  • Narrow leaf lupins: Apply at or after 80% leaf drop. Application prior to windrowing will result in severe loss of grain yield. Not to be used with glyphosate.

Sledge can also now be used from when the wheat and barley are almost ripened until just before harvest in barley and wheat.

If you’d like more information please contact your local Crop Smart sales rep.  As always, we recommend consulting your agronomist when considering mixes and herbicide options.

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