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Soil & Sap Testing Offer


Every soil is unique, and the crops you grow in it have specific and unique requirements. Omnia Soil testing is a comprehensive assessment of soil nutrient levels.  Developed internally over 15+ years, OmniSoil analyses the condition of your soil, the crops you are growing and your yields, and produces a detailed analysis, product recommendations and an application schedule that is unique for each paddock, grove or orchard on your farm. As neighbouring paddocks can vary significantly, soil testing allows the grower to ensure their property is delivering precisely what is needed to achieve maximum crop yield.


OmniSap® analyses the nutrients within the plant and then provides a comprehensive nutrient analysis of what the plant has experienced in recent weeks, as well as what needs to be adjusted for optimal health and yield. This ‘health snapshot’ can be done at any growth stage and provides statistically verifiable information on what is happening with the crop, along with product recommendations and application schedules to remedy any underperforming aspects.

For February and March only, Omnia will be offering Crop Smart customers 5 soil tests and 5 sap tests for a special price, including a complete crop nutrition plan and tailored advice.  Contact your local Crop Smart sales rep today to enquire about pricing!  Alternatively, Ryan Sheridan’s (Omnia Specialities Australia) details are below:

Ryan Sheridan
Specialist Agronomist
E: ryan.sheridan@omnia.net.au
M: 0400 398 504


Click Here To View Example Sap Test


*Info in article sourced from Omnia Specialties’ website HERE

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