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The price of 2,4-D hits an all-time low

Crop Smart has just spent the last 10 days in China visiting factories to prepare for the coming season.  This visit, we were focused on ensuring our high standards are met across a range of products including ammonium sulphate, trifluralin, triallate, 2,4-D, MCPA and glyphosate.  In addition to visiting the manufacturing base for some of these chemicals, we spent time at GLP accredited laboratories in Beijing and Shanghai discussing protocols for our shipping programs over the next six months.  With more than 10 years’ experience dealing with these factories and in formulating and selling their chemicals in Australia, we couldn’t be more confident that we are supplying you with the most reliable formulations from the best sources.

From a market point of view, there are some stand out opportunities right now. In US$ terms, glyphosate is at a four year low and 2,4-D is at an all-time LOW.  The previous lowest price in history was US$1.82/kg in 2007.  Both products are selling at below the cost of production and have found a bottom as production has been cut and will remain curtailed until prices start to rise.

What does this mean for you?  It’s not a bad idea to take a six to twelve month view on your purchasing decisions.  Depending on your cash flow, forward purchase if you can to bank some of the savings available today.  The only variable we see from here is the exchange rate.

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