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What’s Happening In The Market – December

The New Australian Ag Chem Market

It is tempting at this time of the year following harvest to take the foot off the pedal and focus on holidays and places away from the farm. That’s a great idea, but don’t leave the farm without thinking ahead to next year. There is a lot going on with input markets and the re-seller market. Here are the things you need to know and/or get organized so you can relax over the Christmas break:

  • Prosulfocarb – Usually, by this time of the year most of next year’s stock is in the country. This year there is very little here and deliveries will be late. Additionally, supply is tight just like last year. If Prosulfocarb is part of your program act early.
  • Terbuthylazine – This product will be substantially cheaper than last year. It now makes sense in situations it might not have previously. Talk to your agronomist early to determine if its new or increasing in your program and get your orders in early because we expect the demand is going to be hard to predict.

Due to Terbuthylazine’s larger molecular size in comparison to other more commonly used Triazines like Simazine and Atrazine, its chemistry provides a significant increase in residual control of key broadleaf weeds in registered pulse & TT Canola crops like the brassica species including Wild Radish, Turnip, Mustard, Shepherd’s Purse, etc. and more common difficult weeds to control like Whip Thistle/Prickly Lettuce, Milk/Sow Thistle, Medic, etc.

  • Paraquat – Nothing to worry about here, the market has fallen a long way the past 12 months and has now bottomed. With expectations of a dry summer, there is plenty of stock and no need to plan this one.

We’ve also seen unprecedented consolidation this year in reseller land. Two resellers now control the market.

Think about what that means for competition at retail and wholesale. Fewer stores and fewer brands. Its really up to each farmer to keep competition alive. We are encouraging you every time you purchase to think about who you want to give market power to.

We say that supporting Crop Smart is the Smart way to promote competition and keep choice in the market.

Have a great Christmas and thank you for your support through 2019.

See you in the new year.

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