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When is a glyphosate and 2,4-d Amine tank mix stable?

The short answer is when you use Smart Gone 450 and Smart 2,4-d Amine 625.

In the photograph below these brews containing both products have been left to stand for 72 hours without any agitation and both remain in full solution without the typical separation or precipitate so often seen in the paddock. What’s more, the rates were 3L Smart Amine, 4L Smart Gone and 50L water.

The longer answer is really about what makes Crop Smart different to the competition. As a retailer with thousands of farming customers, our sales team and stores are listening to our customers every single day and understanding the practical issues being faced in the field. Packaging issues, pumping issues, compatibility issues, and crop and weed issues are all discussed with our team.

Glyphosate and amine compatibility has been a perennial issue in summer brews. We have listened carefully and have solved the problem by changing the glyphosate salt in our glyphosate 450 together with using unique surfactant technology. The result is our Smart Gone 450 product.

Did you know the Smart Gone 450 is the only 450g glyphosate on the market formulated as the Monoethanolamine (MEA) salt? Typically, most formulations are a Monoisopropylamine (MIPA) salt, derived from the notoriously unstable base chemical MIPA which has a boiling point of 32.4°C.  MEA on the other hand is safe to handle and is stable at room temperature.

The combination of MEA salt and our surfactant technology is what delivers stability with 2,4-d. The development of this product was only possible because we listened to our customers AND we are experts in formulation. It’s incredibly satisfying for us as a company to be able to deliver true value in this way.

It is not lost on us what a unique position we hold as a supplier to farmers as well as a formulator of our products. You would be amazed how many of our suppliers from overseas and domestically ask us how their products work in the field, what they can do to improve them and what our customers are asking for. They simply don’t have the understanding of the practical and current issues facing farmers that we do because they don’t deal directly with farmers.

We’ve got other problems we’re trying to solve on your behalf right now and we’re always looking for more. If you’ve got a question about any aspect of your spray performance, please talk to us. We’re here to listen and if we can solve your problem, we will.gly-amine-in-beakers

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