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Resistance in Sakura

Resistance in Sakura

Sakura (pyroxasulfone) has proven itself for about a decade, providing growers with a reliable and strong combat against weeds in wheat crops.  But like a lot of largely effective herbicides, we’re beginning to see resistance to Sakura in crops.

Recent work done by Dr Danica Goggin (research assistant at AHRI) and previous work by Dr Roberto Busi (research fellow at AHRI) has shown that Sakura resistance does, and can, appear in ryegrass populations.  The research completed by AHRI is important for growers and members in the industry to understand

With a herbicide like Sakura that is tolerated by wheat, there is always the risk that weeds within a wheat crop may copy that resistance mechanism.  Especially when and where there is prolonged, and repetitive use of the same herbicide in the same spot.  We give those weeds more of an opportunity to ‘copy’.

This is a key reason why growers need to continue to mix their herbicides and to implement other weed management practices.  For more information on the recent studies uncovering Sakura resistance in ryegrass populations and to find out more on the GST resistance mechanism, please click here.

For more information on integrated weed management practices, please click here.

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