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From getting bogged (when it finally rains!) to running into objects that have appeared out of nowhere, this competition will prove others could be having a tougher day than you are.

Share Your #FarmingFudgeUp With Us

Have you had a #farmingfudge up?

Farming mishaps are a regular occurrence and during busy times like sowing, they are hard to avoid. With long days on the tractor as you race to get the crop in, it’s easy to lose concentration.

To keep you all entertained, throughout sowing we are running a #FarmingFudgeUp Competition, giving you the chance to share your most amusing and frustrating farm fails as well as sharing a laugh at others’ misfortunes, from getting bogged (when it finally rains!) to running into objects that have appeared out of nowhere.

The winner of the best fudge-up will receive a $500 Visa gift card, plus all entries will feature on our Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter pages.

So whether you want to dob in a mate or yourself, please send through your entries and we will share them!

To enter: Private message your videos or photos, along with a short description to our Facebook/Twitter pages or text them directly to your local Sales Rep. The overall winner will be announced on 1 June 2019.

We wish all entrants the best of luck and happy sowing from the Crop Smart team.

PS: Don’t forget to hashtag #FarmingFudgeUp and note we are not responsible for any disputes that may result from mates dobbing in one another for this competition.

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