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Urea, Fungicide, LVE & Glyphosate Stock Update

It’s great to see some good rains going through Victoria, NSW, and South Australia.  The only drier areas are upper SA regions, but otherwise everyone else has had the perfect start.  Most of you are now coming to the end of (or just finished) sowing and crops are emerging.  If you’ve been following our updates, you would already have your post-emergent stock ordered, as we suggested.  LVE MCPA is most certainly short across the country, and if you haven’t ordered your stock, I suggest you get onto this today.  MCPA 750 is also extremely tight in the market, while stocks of other post ems look ok at this stage.  Following on from sowing where we saw very tight supply of Glyphosate and Trifluralin, we recommend you be extremely proactive with your ag chem purchasing this season.  In NSW most farmers are sowing big acreage (primarily of wheat) compared to the previous two years. With good rains so far this year, the market for any cereal crop protection is going to remain tight.

Glyphosate – stocks are now caught up in the country, but most of you will have empty sheds. We remain concerned about supply chain risks and will be moving early to cover end of year requirements. We will continue to track this market and advise the best time to buy.

Fungicides – all suppliers would like to think they are organized, but if these rains continue shortages will be significant.  Please be proactive.

Urea – consistent early rainfall has led to above-average demand and large volumes moving through Portland and Geelong Ports in particular. Short-term demand is predicted to be strong, and when combined with a softening price we are recommending growers secure volumes promptly to avoid delays or missing out on product.

Let’s hope the rains continue and favorable conditions extend through to the Spring this year!

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