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Your Guide to 2024 Seed Varieties

If you’re looking for a seed variety not listed here please reach out to your local Crop Smart rep to confirm availability as we are able to order additional varieties that may not be listed below.



Anvil CL+ – A quick AH quality, two gene IMI tolerant variety.

Ballista – AH short/med season very high yield.

Bennett – Dual purpose ASW variety.  Long season Winter wheat with tall plant type and awn-less head.  Ideal for graze & grain, or straight grain production.

Brumby – High yielding, APW, mid maturing, resistant to powdery mildew and excellent resistance to yellow leaf spot and very good resistance to stem and stripe rust.

Bitalli – Bitalli has set a new yield benchmark in the Southern durum growing regions, outperforming other commonly grown varieties.

Calibre – The first variety derived from Scepter to hit the market. Quick-mid maturity, improved powdery mildew resistance over Scepter. Suited to most growing regions of SA/Vic/Southern NSW. Longer coleoptile than many commonly grown varieties and very high yield.

Dozer CL+ – Quick mid maturing, APW CL wheat, good standability and grain package, IMI tolerant.

Hammer CL+ – Mace maturity Highest AH yielding IMI variety.

Illabo – Quick-mid maturing, AH quality winter wheat that provides a safe agronomic package to take advantage of early sowing opportunities.

Intergrain Rockstar – Exceptionally high yielding mid – slow spring wheat.

Kingston – Mid-maturing AH variety with high end yield potential. Outstanding lodging resistance. Excellent physical and milling grain quality. AH classification in SA and VIC.

Longsword – A fast maturing winter wheat derived from Mace.

Matador – Matador is a mid-maturity AH wheat variety with a medium grain size, improved shorter canopy and market leading yield.

Patron – The yield benchmark for all durum growing regions of SA and Victoria.

Reilly – Mid-maturing AH variety with stable yield in tough conditions and robust stripe rust resistance. New genetics for Australian wheat growers. Excellent physical and milling grain quality. AH classification in SA and VIC.

Rockstar – ROCKSTAR has a similar time to flowering as LRPB TROJAN, High yielding, mid-late flowering variety. Good grain size, moderate plant height, similar to Mace. Stem rust MR, stripe rust MRMS, leaf rust S, yellow leaf spot MRMS, septoria MSS and powdery mildew R.

Tomahawk CL Plus – ‘Scepter’ type Clearfield® variety with increased yields over Scepter.

Valiant CL+ – Later maturity than Cutlass, good varietal option to maximise early sowing opportunities. Good yellow leaf spot resistance. A useful variety option where there are residue concerns from previous season imidazolinone herbicide use.

Vixen – A hard wheat similar in yield to Scepter, with a maturity 3-5 days earlier suited to Mid May sowing.




Planet – Standard variety for the North East and Riverina (NSW), RGT Planet is a mid-flowering, early-late maturing variety, with elastic maturity making it suited from low to high rainfall regions.

Spartacus CL –  Spartacus CL is an early maturing, CCN resistant, Clearfield® barley. It is a semi-dwarf and is ideally suited to the low to medium rainfall regions. It is agronomically similar to La Trobe, but has slightly improved lodging tolerance with a low head loss risk and has a short rachilla hair length, reducing itchiness.

Latrobe – An early maturing variety for low to medium rainfall environments. A semi-dwarf plant type providing medium lodging resistance and a medium head loss risk. The variety has a short coleoptile and sowing depth should be considered.

Maximus CL– a high yielding, quick-mid maturing, malt accredited, imidazolinone (IMI) tolerant barley.



Neo CL – Exceptionally high yielding, InterGrain data indicates a 10% yield improvement over RGT Planet.

Commodus CL – Currently classified as a feed variety. High yielding, quid-mid maturing variety. Agronomically similar to Compass, ideally suited to lighter soils and medium-low rainfall environments. CCN resistance and useful levels of spot form net blotch resistance.

Cyclops – quick-mid maturity, slightly slower than Spartacus CL. The highest yielding barley variety across WA, SA, VIC, NSW. Has entered malt accreditation program, but is currently classified as a feed variety.

Minotaur – A lower risk alternative to RGT Planet with similar top-end yield potential. Mid-slow maturity, slightly slower than RGT Planet. Best suited to medium-high rainfall environments. Has entered the Barley Australia malt accreditation program but is currently deliverable as Barley/Feed.

Beast – AGT Seeds first barley variety.  A potential malting variety, available for sowing 2021 as a feed variety.  Excellent early vigour and a week quicker to mature than Compass.  Highest yielding barley for low to medium rainfall areas – a great variety for Southern Australia.

Laperouse – A barley variety suited to the medium to high rainfall areas, a strong competitor to Planet.  Slightly better tolerance to the net blotch diseases than other earlier barleys. Variety under malting evaluation.

Titan AX – First Grass herbicide resistant barley

Zena CL – Mid maturing, vigorous, Clearfield Barley.



Combat – High yielding, mid maturing, feed barley.

Newton – Dual purpose variety with slow early development enabling early sowing for grazing, a long growing season, then harvest maturity equivalent to other long season cereals. Urambie Barley Alternative/Winter Wheat Alternative.



Archer – Mid Maturing oaten hay variety.

Kingbale – Kingbale is a single gene IMI tolerant oaten hay variety – a world first. Mid-maturing variety with improved tolerance to soil residual imidazolinone herbicides.

Koala – high yielding grain oat with medium-tall plant height and mid-long growing season.




PY422G (NEW) – The first Optimum GLY® herbicide tolerance canola hybrid for Australian canola growers. This early-mid maturity Y Series® hybrid canola offers a breakthrough of market leading genetics.

PY525G (NEW) – The second of Pioneer’s new Optimum GLY varieties is PY525G, a mid-season maturity with a medium-tall plant height. It will be comparable to Pioneer’s 45YY28 with a slight yield improvement. Data on its blackleg resistance is still to come to see where it sits.

43Y92 Clearfield (CL) – Delivers exceptional early growth resulting in superior crop competition and early canopy closure which enhances weed control and reduces weed seed set.

PY421C (NEW) – Pioneer has released PY421C for next season, which will replace 44Y94 we are familiar with. As we expect from Pioneer’s Clearfields, it comes with exceptional yield potential, and as 44Y94 did, it will cover a vast geographical area. PY421C is an early-mid maturity with a medium-tall plant type.

44Y94CL – The benchmark hybrid in the early-mid season Clearfield® segment. Offers an impressive package of agronomic traits and performance. Excellent early season growth coupled with outstanding yield and oil potential delivers greater returns per hectare.

45Y93CL – Boasts outstanding returns through very high yield potential, oil content and consistency, this hybrid’s early flowering mid maturity makes it perfect for high yielding environments which see heat during flowering.

43Y23RR – The earliest maturity Y Series® hybrid with Roundup Ready® technology. This hybrid sets the industry benchmark on shatter tolerance and displays exceptional adaptability and yield for maturity.

45Y95CL – This hybrid has quickly become the go to for high-yielding environments and early planting opportunities. A must have in your Clearfield® program.

PY520TC – Packs exceptional top end yield potential and  oil content into a nicely rounded agronomic package, PY520TC has shown outstanding performance in long season & high yielding locations.

44Y27RR – This elite Y Series® hybrid combines market leading yield potential, outstanding consistency and the economic bonus of excellent oil content to deliver the Y Series® genetic advantage.

44Y30RR – This hybrid canola has demonstrated the highest infield performance we have seen at Pioneer, quickly becoming the go to early-mid glyphosate tolerant hybrid on the market.

45Y28RR – 45Y28 RR Canola Hybrid combines market-leading yield potential, oil content and ease-of-management to deliver greater income per hectare. Medium to high rainfall environments.



Hyola Regiment XC – Australia’s newest high-yielding canola hybrid featuring dual herbicide tolerance.

Hyola Garrison XC – The next generation of Hyola canola hybrids featuring dual herbicide tolerance.

Hyola Battalion XC – Delivers next generation results with high yielding TruFlex® + Clearfield® hybrid traits protecting growers’ investment and returns.

Hyola Solstice CL – Offers growers outstanding performance and blackleg protection for their canola season ahead.

Hyola Continuum CL – Offers growers remarkable yield performance and enduring blackleg protection. Continuum CL enables growers to apply Clearfield herbicides over the top, with the added advantage of planting into fields with group 2 Imidazolinone (IMI) soil residues.

Hyola 970CL – Australia’s most trusted and reliable graze ‘n’ grain winter Clearfield® hybrid for mixed cropping enterprises.

Hyola Feast CL –  Australia’s new high performance earlier maturing graze ‘n’ grain winter hybrid delivering grain yields up to 20 per cent higher than others in the market.

Hyola Equinox CL – An early-mid maturing Spring CL canola hybrid.

Hyola Defender CT – Featuring dual stacked herbicide tolerance, Hyola Defender CT enables growers to apply over-the-top (OTT) applications of Clearfield® and Triazine herbicides, with the added advantage of planting into fields with group 2 Imidazolinone (IMI) and group 5 Triazine herbicide soil residues.

Hyola Enforcer CT – The first in a new generation of Clearfield® + Triazine dual herbicide tolerant canola hybrids.

Hyola 410XX – Australia’s first TruFlex® canola hybrid offering wider weed control spray windows through to first flower.

Hyola Blazer TT – The new benchmark high yielding mid-early season TT hybrid from Pacific Seeds.



HyTTec Trident – Early maturing hybrid TT canola that outperforms similar varieties.

HyTTec Velocity – Our earliest maturing hybrid TT canola with improved harvest management for farmers.

HyTTec Trophy – A highly-adaptable hybrid TT canola with top yield performance.

HyTTec Trifecta – Experience unrivalled yield performance from a mid-maturing hybrid TT canola.

NuSeed Hunter (TF) – An early-mid maturing TruFlex hybrid that demonstrates improved pod shatter tolerance with a compact plant height, helping to protect your investment against grain loss.

NuSeed Emu TF – Early-maturing TruFlex hybrid that performs in low to medium rainfall zones and offers a late planting opportunity.

NuSeed Raptor TF – Early-mid maturing canola hybrid which has shown robust yield performance against current Roundup Ready hybrid varieties in both NVTs and internal trials.

NuSeed Eagle TF – A mid-maturity TruFlex hybrid that shows top of the table yield and oil performance making it the variety of choice in mid to high rainfall zones.

Nuseed Ceres IMI – Early maturing imi hybrid canola with excellent early vigour.

ATR Bluefin – Toughened disease package, competitive yields and oil performance, delivering you optimum results at harvest.

ATR Bonito – Early to mid-maturing triazine tolerant canola which is quality tested for fantastic early vigour, and is highly adaptable to a range of environments.

ATR Swordfish – Early to mid-maturing OP TT canola, bred for Aussie conditions.

ATR Wahoo – ATR Wahoo is a mid-maturing triazine tolerant canola with quality tested seed and traits. Suitable for higher rainfall regions with high yield potential.

NuSeed Diamond – An early season hybrid conventional canola that sets the benchmark for yield performance in its class.

Nuseed Quartz – Comes with a full set of features, including exceptional yield potential, good adaptability, excellent early vigour and “R” rating for superior Blackleg resistance.

Monola H421TT – This new hybrid is an early maturing variety with competitive yield performance against current hybrid TT varieties across a diverse range of growing environments

Monola 420TT – Early-Mid maturing OP TT specialty oil variety, marketed under contract. Suited to medium low rainfall zones. Medium-short plant height.

Monola 422TT – An early-mid maturing variety with an improved fatty acid profile for export quality oil, and is stable for growing across a wide range of regions and planting times.




PBA Amberley – It is the first variety with moderate resistance to chocolate spot and is mid-flowering and mid-maturing. It has resistance to pathotype 1 and 2 of ascochyta blight and has good standing ability and a low level of ‘necking’. PBA Amberley has a yield advantage over current varieties in high rainfall regions and its grain size is similar to Samira.

FBA Ayla – High yielding northern region faba bean. Uniform seed size, smaller than PBA Nasma and Nanu but larger than PBA Warda. Early maturity, same as PBA Warda, Nasma and Nanu. MR-MS to Rust, similar to PBA Nanu.

PBA Bendoc the first faba bean line with improved tolerance to some Group B herbicides. This not only increases the in-crop options for broadleaf weed control, but also enables the variety to be grown where some Group B (including the sulfonylureas) herbicide residues persist from applications to the previous crop. It is important to note that growers must adhere to product label rates, plant-back periods and all label directions for use. It has a medium sized seed suited to the Middle East markets. Resistant to moderately resistant to both ascochyta blight pathotypes, chocolate spot S, cercospora leaf spot S and rust S.





CBA Captain – Medium-size-seed variety with broad adaptation to Victorian desi chickpea-growing areas. Erect plant type with good plant height and height to lowest pod. Mid-flowering and mid maturing in Victorian growing environments. Good grain size similar to PBA HatTrick and meets the requirements of a ‘Jimbour type’, suitable for the subcontinent market.  Tested as CICA1521.



PBA Magnus – large-seeded kabuli type with similar plant type to Genesis™ 090. Mid-flowering and mid maturing. Adapted to current kabuli-growing regions of Victoria and South Australia. An excellent replacement for Genesis™ Kalkee where an erect plant type is not essential due to its larger seed size. Very good seed size and shape. Released 2020 (tested as CICA1352). Seed available from PB Seeds. EPR $6.50

PBA Royal – The latest released variety from the PBA program with its first year of seed sales in 2019.  Highest yielding medium sized Kabuli in mid-high (>1.5t/ha) yield potential environments and predominantly 8mm in grain size, which is larger than Gen090 but smaller than PBA Monarch.  It is MS to Ascochyta Blight in SA and VIC, which is the same disease resistance and management as Gen090 but slightly lower yield loss under high disease pressure.




GIA Lightning – High yielding broadly adapted IMI tolerant red lentil.

GIA Metro – First and only Metribuzin (MET) + Imidazoline (IMI) tolerant red lentil variety.

GIA Thunder – High yielding broadly adapted IMI tolerant red lentil.





Bateman – Tall, early-flowering lupin variety with improved virus resistance.

Coyote – Newest narrow leaf variety with a slight yield increase over Jurien and Bateman.  Has less Phomopsis resistance than Jurien and Bateman.

Lawler – widely adapted variety, offering growers high and stable yields across all NSW, Victorian and South Australian lupin growing regions.

Murringo (Albus Lupin) Highest yielding albus lupin for eastern states.  Mid flowering, indeterminate genotype.  Moderate resistance to Pleiochaeta root rot and susceptible to Anthracnose.  Grain quality well suited to albus human consumption markets.  Seed size similar to Luxor.





PBA Butler – A mid to late flowering semi-dwarf field pea variety. PBA Butler has high yield potential and produces ‘Kaspa-type’ grain adapted better to regions with relatively higher yield potential (at least medium rainfall).

GIA Kastar – Improved tolerance to common in crop and residual IMI herbicides for more effective weed control.

PBA Taylor – Kaspa type longer flowering , shorter growing



GIA Ourstar – The first ‘Dun’ pea offering improved tolerance to common in-crop and residual Group B herbicides for robust farming systems.

PBA Percy – A very early flowering and maturing conventional pea (similar to Parafield) which produces dun-type grain. PBA Percy has high yield potential and is broadly adapted.



For more information on seed varieties for the coming season, please get in touch with your local Crop Smart Agronomist or Sales Rep.
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