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A Guide to Summer Spraying

Early summer spraying will achieve best results for weed control and optimise crop potential for the upcoming season. Early
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Matt’s Market Update – July 2018

Lack of rain has resulted in minimal post-emergent spraying. Consequently, all post-emergent chemicals are in good supply.
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Blackspot in Field Peas

Blackspot in field peas is the greatest disease threat to field peas in Southern Australia. Given the dry autumn,
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What will impact your summer spraying?

To ensure cost-effectiveness of application, early preparation is key. Here are the major trends you need to be thinking
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Easy Inoculant Application

Darren Bailey shows off his innovative Inoculant applicator
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How to open an IBC cap

Joe Pedler shows off a simple solution for opening an IBC lid
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Our factory only produces the best!

Ensuring the quality of products it sells to Australian farmers has always been a priority for Crop Smart. To
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Improving knockdowns prior to seeding

Glyphosate is the base chemical for the majority of herbicide knockdown sprays prior to seeding. While it is very
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Plan your fungicide needs early this season

We’re going to talk about fungicides this month because there are some products that’s it’s really important to be
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